Commentary “Panglong peace negotiations and constitutional reform”

An important point that the creation of Burma Proper or Ministerial Burma into "Pyi Ma" first during the period of short-live parliamentary era of some 10 years, later was diversified into "7 Divisions" and recently changed into "7 Regions", could be said as the handiwork of General Ne Win, during BSPP reign.

This has been done without the consent of the people and later thrust down the throat of the people, as taken for granted. Now the Tatmadaw and the NLD government also cater to it, as if there has been there for eternity.

This has to be resolved first, as the federal union envisaged in Panglong Agreement of 1947, Union of Burma Constitution of 1947 and Federal amendment proposal of the ethnic nationalities of 1961 were based on ethnic-based federalism and not territorial federalism.

Thus, two points have to be first considered, frankly speaking.

1. The Burma Proper/Ministerial Burma creation into 7 Divisions or Regions
2. Whether Burma or Myanmar is to be a territorial or ethnic-based federalism.

Going ahead with the peace process, as if taken for granted and white-washing historical treaties and documents that were legal basis for the formation of the Union of Burma in 1948 won't do to resolve the ethnic conflict, much less reconciliation and political settlement.

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