“Trust destroying issues must be removed”

One of the presentations that should serve as food for thought at the 3 day Trustbuilding for Peace forum in Taunggyi, 21-23 September, was given by Ms Khin Ma Ma Myo, Executive Director of the hitherto little known Myanmar Institute for Peace and Security Sciences (MIPSS).

According to her, “trust destroying issues must be removed in order to build trust.” The issues are: Suspicion and doubt, Information, Military Strategy, Power Bargaining and Uniteral Imposition of rules and laws unacceptable to the people.

(Photo: SNLD)

“When a person known for cheating and broken promises embarks on a mission, it is human nature to doubt him,” she said. “The social contract between the people and the government has been damaged for so long it is necessary on the part of the authorities to adopt a policy of transparency in order to overcome suspicions.”

The following is a gist of what she recommends on other issues:

The people must be informed there will be no return to the military dictatorship. Articles in the constitution allowing the military to seize power must also be amended in order to further convince them

Military Strategy
Ceasefire and Political Dialogue must not be used for containment, time-buying and first strike advantage. The National Defense and Security Council must assure the people of its commitment and accountability by signing the ceasefire and political agreements

Power bargaining
Not to misuse executive, legislative and judicial authority to pressure others to accept the government’s terms

Imposition of unacceptable framework and laws
This has been done in 1947, 1974 and 2008. It was naturally followed by demands for amendments, removal and substitution of the said constitutions

She stated a number of articles such as Article 6 (f) which places the military in the leading role of the country’s politics that are “obstacles to the union and democratic systems.”

SHAN unfortunately was unable to further interview her. But, both for SHAN and the readers’ sake, it hopes she will be present in similar gatherings to present her views and that of the MIPSS.


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