Weekly Wrap-up, No.640 (17-23 August 2013)

Tips for the military: You know it strikes the right chord with you!

Think Piece
Japanese companies were the trailblazers for Asia where overseas investment is concerned, but even they had to move slowly and steadily. Toyota, for example, has been in the United States since 1957. It was another 15 years before Toyota opened a manufacturing plant there, and another decade before its cars become widely accepted in the North American market.

Bangkok Post, 19 August 2013

The World
21 August 2013

Gas attack by Syrian government kills 1,300 people near Damascus. West demands UN inspection. (Agencies)

International Relations
1 August 2013
US-Myanmar Trafficking in Persons dialogue held in Naypyitaw, led by Ambassador at Large Luis Cde Baca and Police Chief Maj Gen Zaw Win. (State Department)

19 August 2013
Quintana given open letter by 100 protestors in Meikhtila. (DVB)

21 August 2013

Indonesian police have arrested 8 more suspects in connection with a plot to bomb the Burmese embassy, bringing a total to 14 detainees since May. (AP)

21 August 2013
Quintana issues statement on 10 day visit to Burma. “Separation and segregation, of communities in Rakhine State is becoming increasingly permanent making restoration of trust difficult.” In Meikhtila, a crowd “punch and kick the windows and doors of the car”, incident left totally unprotected by the nearby police. (Press Release)

21 August 2013

Tomas Ojea Quintana says UN could provide only once a year to conflict zones. From July 2012-July 2013, UN could assist resistance-controlled areas only once. (Mizzima)

22 August 2013
Presidential spokesman Ye Htut says Quintana was never in any danger. (AP)

Quintana’s visit
16-17 August 2013
Chin State. Mindat and Kanpetlet. Chin Youth Organization complains “Kyemon” paper called Chins “Barbarians” comparing them to animals. (DVB)

18-19 August 2013

Shan State. Lashio and Namhsan. He meets Aye Aye Win, who was doused in petrol setting off violence. (DVB)

Thai-Burma Relations
17 August 2013
Migrant Workers Rights Network (MWRN) demands Thailand Myanmar issue concrete policy for migrant workers whose 4 year visas have expired. According to MoU signed or 15 June 2013, they must return to Burma and fulfill a 3 year homeland residency before returning to Thailand. (Mizzima)

Politics/ Inside Burma
19 August 2013
President Thein Sein warns local administrator at ward and village levels not to abuse their powers at a meeting on rural development held in Naypyitaw. (Mizzima)

Ethnic Affairs
17 August 2013
Arakan League for Democracy (AlD) and Rakhine Nationality Development Party (RNDP) announce they would merge into a single party and apply to be registered as Rakhine National Party (RNP). (Mizzima)

19 August 2013
Recently formed Mon National Congress (MNC) meets to plan Mon national seminar in Moulmein in December. New Mon State Party, Mon Democracy Party and All Mon Region Democracy Party are leading members. (IMNA)

22 August 2013
Chin groups will meet in Hakha, according to Salai Nge Pe, implementation committee member. They will review issues concerning politics, economy and culture and re-examine the status of 53 groups who all claim to be Chin. (DVB)

22 August 2013
Kachin State Red Cross says KIO has refused to accept its offer to provide household appliances for 1,300 families. The group says it cannot accept aid from the government until a stable peace has been established. The appliances were donated by Denmark and Singapore red crosses. (Mizzima)

22 August 2013
UNFC (11 parties) and UNA (12 parties) “are in a state of laying down policies” for the federal-based constitution, according to Hkun Okker, UNFC deputy Secretary. (Eleven News Media)

23 August 2013

Dr Tuja, former vice chairman of KIO, who had resigned to contest elections in 2010 — and was rejected — will be registering a new party, Kachin State Democracy Party (KSDP), according to him. (KNG)

Shans/ Shan State
15 August 2013
Shan Tribes Association Interim of Kachin State sends letter to UN special rapporteur to look into the plight of ethnic people:
  • Shans make up two third of the state population
  • No minister of state chairman positions for Shans
  • Conflicts continue, Shans face more difficulties
(Eleven News Media)

20 August 2013

Shan State Army (SSA) leader Yawdserk says amendment, and not writing a new charter, is the way to peace and reconciliation in Burma. (SHAN)

19-22 August 2013
Workshop on Federalism in Lashio, attended by more than 70 participants, including White Tiger and Tiger Head parties. It was led by Dr Salai Lian H.Sakhong. (SHAN)

Economy/ Business
19 August 2013
Foreign trade hits $ 7.080 billion in the fires’ three months of the 2013-14 fiscal year:
                  Export                  Imports
2012-13    $3.152 billion        $3.01 billion
2013-14    $3.161 billion        $3.919 billion

21 August 2013
Freight and logistics firm Damco, a subsidiary of Danish firm Maersk, announces it has been granted license to operate in Burma. (DVB)

Human Rights
19-20 August 2013
500 farmers hold 2-day event organized by 88 Generation Students. They call on the government to address worsening land confiscation issue and to return land seized by previous regime. (Irrawaddy)

19 August 2013
Ministry of Information releases statement saying 14 out of 17 draft articles of the new media bill have been agreed. Unresolved are issuing of media licenses, whether to have one central press council or devolve power to local levels and the definition of what is in the “public interest”. The two sides, IPC and MoI, have agreed to obey the decision of the Union Assembly, according to IPC member Zaw Thet Htwe. (DVB)

20 August 2013
New York based Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) warns “mass atrocities” if attitudes behind violence against Muslims are left unchecked. (Reuters)

21 August 2013
Teacher Soe Soe Khaing, Zabuthiri, says school director Myint Zaw has ordered her to resign as she had violated school rule prohibing teachers from involvement in politics. She had attended a meeting with 88 Generation Students. (Irrawaddy)

16 August 2013
$1.6 million will be spent in the 2013 fiscal year on socioeconomic development projects along the Shwe pipelines. Contract signed and to be implemented by two subsidiaries of CNPC will cover 33 projects in Shan, Arakan, Mandalay and Magwe. (New Light of Myanmar)

18 August 2013
A Nissan pickup truck searched by police in Maesai. No illegal items found. But 2 passengers acting nervously and driver fails to answer incoming calls. Later a Toyota Vigo is stopped and 958,000 speed pills found. (Bangkok Post)

16 August 2013
Asian News International (AN) says recent images published in an Urdu-language internet forum suggest the Taliban has recruited Rohingya Muslims and is training them in Myanmar. The force is led by Abu Sufiya and Abu Arif. It claims to have destroyed 2 Burmese vehicles killing 17 soldiers recently. It also claims having beheaded 3 Buddhists, including a priest, who were responsible for slaying Muslims. (BD News 24)

17 August 2013
Former NDA-K Border Guard Force attacks KIA troops in Chipwe and Sawlaw, backed by Burma Army’s LIB 521. (Irrawaddy)

22 August 2013
Clash in Nawng Lerh, Mongpan township. Burma Army suffers 4 dead, Shan State Army 1 dead and 2 wounded. (SHAN)

19 August 2013
U Htay Myaing, pen-name Dagon Taya, 95, passes away at his home in Aung Ban. (Irrawaddy)


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