Re: Shan leader supports UNFC resolution, but...

I don't think it is too early to make one's own political goal or aspiration known. In fact, we are already more than five decades too late, if we would take the 1962 General Ne Win's military takeover as a starting point.

What is wrong with spelling out your people's desire, when your adversaries are all out to protect their looted goods; i.e., our rights of self-determination and our rights to our own resources? Shall we behave politely and timidly so that our adversaries will not be annoyed and throw some bones and bread cramps out of pity, if they are happy with us? The point is we are demanding our robbed goodies back and we cannot be just satisfied with a few percentages given back to us from our own belongings. It is as simple as that.

Moreover, advocating for amendment of the military-drawn constitution is like accepting the 2008 constitution, lending legitimacy to the Burman-dominated, centralized, unitary system; and we are not coming any near to a true federal system of government. In fact, Lt-Gen Yawdserk's first step proposal of national reconciliation process, which include: Full autonomy for the states, election of the state chiefs, and the transformation of the Tatmadaw into a federal union armed forces, are exactly the same demand made by all non-Burman nationalities, that are striving for federalism.

Mai Soong Kha



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