Statement: UNFC Public Relation and News Unit

Press Statement
UNFC Public Relation and News Unit
January 20, 2012

1. The news released by the Union of Myanmar/Burma News Team (UMNT), dated January 18, 2013 begins with a catalogue ofmilitaryactions taken by the KIO/KIA since the resumption of military campaigns in June 11, 2011 by Bama Tatmadaw (Myanmar Armed Forces) against the KIO/KIA.

2. In the one-sided attack, the UMNT makes it out as if the KIO/KIA were the aggressors employing all the dirty tricks to bully the Tatmadaw troops. The news release is nothing but a Nazi-like propaganda war, the use of media to influence public opinion,to paint the KIO/KIA black in the eyes of the people of Burma and the international community.

3. At one point, it says, “Tatmadaw has strictly followed the orders of the President to use arms only in self-defense”. At another, it says, “From the date of December 10, 2011 when the President Office issued order to shoot only in self-defense to January 15, 2013, the KIO/KIA blew up 122 bridges, staged 64 attacks on camps, commit 28 incidents of forced recruitment, and there have been 1095 clashes, etc.”

4. Only the most gullible people would believe that Tatmadaw is reacting only in self-defense when it deploys more than 120 army battalions, jet fighters, helicopter gunships and heavy artilleries against the KIO/KIA, which have only about 20 battalions, a few mortars and some militia troops. There is no doubt that Tatmadaw has been waging a total war against the KIO/KIA and the people of Kachin State.

5. The unilateral ceasefire by Tatmadaw is only for Lajayan area, a small township on the China-Burma Border. According to reliable information,in other areas of the Kachin State, 3 clashes took place yesterday (January 19), the day on which the ceasefire was supposed to start to be in force.

6. It is clear that the so-called unilateral ceasefire is designed to appease the international community, the US, UK, Chinaand Japan, which have called for the immediate cessation of hostilities, a few days ago. It was also designed to support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and to ward off the UNFC deadline.

7. The KIO/KIA signed ceasefire agreement in 1994, attended the National Convention and had faithfully maintained the ceasefire for 17 years, even when the National Convention (the junta) rejected all their demands for a fair share of powerfor the ethnic nationalities. They remained quiet even after the murder of 50 of their personnel, who manned the liaison offices set up in towns and villages.

8. The actions of Tatmadaw have been like what it did to the KNU/KNLA 18 years ago. Then, it isolated the KNU/KNLA and waged an all-out war to crush, without success, the Karen people’s movement. Its war against the KIO/KIA and the Kachin people will also end in failure.

9. The Tatmadaw advanced positions in the KIO/KIA areas, war crimes and all acts of war are not conducive to peaceful resolution of political problems by political means. Like those of the other ethnic nationalities, the Kachin people’s movement for freedom, equality and self-determination are legitimate and their armed resistance is justified.

10. It is time Tatmadaw regained some sense of fairness and the people’s respect, and support the peace and national reconciliation processes called for by the people of Burma and the international community.

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