Weekly Diary, No.607 (20-26 October 2012)

Tips for Politicians: Does it mean none of you can be trusted?

Think Piece
Wrong action causes faction.

Sayings and Words of Wisdom in English, David Holmes (2005)

The World
26 October 2012
America braces itself for Franken storm. (Agencies)

International Relations
21 October 2012

President’s Office Minister Soe Thein says foreigners and Burmese nationals with foreign citizenship, who will invest in Burma, professors and those who can help develop the country will be considered for the PRS (Permanent Residency Schome) which will last 3-5 years. (Irrawaddy)

22 October 2012
US Special Representative for North Korea Policy Glyn Davies says Burma is “on the right path” to ultimately end relationship with North Korea but cautions it will take time “to work through it.” (Global Post)

25 October 2012

Visiting US Deputy Secretary of Treasury Neal S. Wolin meets President Thein Sein to discuss Central Bank of Myanmar issues, says the President’s Office. (Mizzima)

25 October 2012
According to Congressional Research Service (CRS), the status of Burma’s political prisoners may play a pivotal role in Congressional consideration of US policy in Burma. (Irrawaddy)

Thai-Burma Relations
24 October 2012

James Lynch, UNHCR regional representative highlights need to start discussing legal, socio-political and logistical issues regarding, even though “conditions for the repatriation may not be in place.” Still it is time to start thinking about preparations, he says. There are 84,000 registered and 67,000 unregistered refugees in 9 camps along the border. Some 78,000 have been resettled in the third country since 2005. (Bangkok Post)

26 October 2012

Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is planning to fly to Tachilek to meet his House 111 members between 1-7 November. (Bangkok Post/ ASTV)

Politics/ Inside Burma
21 October 2012
President Thein Sein holds first-ever press conference, answers about 30 questions, on subjects ranging from fighting with rebels to amending the constitution. He doesn’t break any stunning news and avoids revealing too much, speaking only on general terms. (AP/Irrawaddy)

22 October 2012
More than 500 members of Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD threaten to resign in protest at the closure of the party office in Bassein. Spokesman Nyan Win says, “We did it according to our party’s rules.” (irrawaddy)

Ethnic Affairs
22 October 2012
Nippon Foundation is sending $ 3 million in emergency aid to ethnic groups in Burma. Kachin, due to large number of displaced persons, is getting priority. The first shipments of food and medicine will be sent in the coming months, according to Voice of America. The government has given support to the aid shipment, seeing it as a way to help end fighting. (Mizzima)

23 October 2012
The All Arakanese Monks’ Solidarity Conference, in a 10-point document, urges locals to distribute images of anyone alleged to be supporting the Rohingyas and expose them as “national traitors.” (DVB)

24 October 2012
KIO will hold another round of negotiations in Ruili on 30-31 October, according to brokers close to both sides. (Irrawaddy)

25 October 2012

Minister Aung Min will be meeting UNFC members in Thailand led by Nai Hong Sa in the first week of November. (Irrawaddy)

25 October 2012
Mon scholars are disputing against The Mirror’s 12 October assertion that Pyu, usually used as a substitute for Burman, are founders of Danyawaddy (Arakan) and Suvannabhumi (Mon). (IMNA) Shans also claim Dagaung is not Pyu either, but Shan – Editor

Shans/ Shan State
22 October 2012

RCSS/SSA leader Lt-Gen Yawdserk says he has made 2 concessions for peace:
•    Genuine union instead of Independence
•    14 states instead of 8
He wants to know what Naypyitaw is offering in return. (SHAN)

26 October 2012
Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD), marking 24th anniversary of founding, issues statement opposing a 14 state arrangement. It is for 8 states. (SHAN)

Human Rights
17 October 2012
Police captain Aung Kyi Sein and lance corporal Aung Win Htun interrogated in Monywa after being interviewed on camera by a citizen journalist. (DVB)

18 October 2012
Lawyer Myint Aye who stages a one man demonstration in Prome, charged for protesting without permission. (DVB)

21 October 2012
Burma has no choice but to accept foreign aid for Muslims, despite a series of protests by Buddhists against efforts to aid by OIC, says Thein Sein during the press conference. “It costs $ 10,000 a day (to feed the people). Our government cannot afford it.” (Bangkok Post)

21 October 2012
Buddhists and Muslims clash again in Mrauk Oo and Minbya. Conflicting reports of how the fighting started. Situation under control, says state spokesman. (Irrawaddy)

22 October 2012
Curfew declared in Minbya and Mrauk Oo. Officially 2 killed, 8 injured and 1,039 homes burned since yesterday. (Reuters)

24 October 2012
1,000 students stage demonstration in Sittwe calling for Rohingyas to be segregated from Rakhines and other Buddhist Burmese in classes. (RFA)

26 October 2012
The total death toll is 64, 30 women and 34 men, says Rakhine state spokesman Win Myaing, revising earlier toll of 112 people. Estimated 3,000 Rohingyas are escaping by boats to reach existing refugee camps in Sittwe. (AFP)

25 October 2012

Reward for Lahu militia leader Lt-Col Yishay has been increased from 1 million baht ($ 32,260) to 2 million baht ($ 64,530), according to Thailand’s drug enforcement chief Pol Gen Pongsapat Pongcharoen. (ASTV/ Khao Sod)

25 October 2012
A UN agency says there is evidence of organized crime links between Burmese drug traffickers and criminals in Phnom Penh. (Irrawaddy)

20 October 2012
American ambassador for Myanmar/Burma Derek Mitchell, during a press conference held yesterday, said he still had no data about Burma being invited to observe the next Cobra Gold war games. “I have nothing to comment on this,” he told the reporters. (Venus News Weekly)

24 October 2012
The President has instructed reinforcements be sent into Rakhine conflict areas, says presidential office director Zaw Htay. (RFA)

25 October 2012

Aung Gyi, 94, former “heir apparent” to Gen Ne Win, passes away in Rangoon. (Irrawaddy)


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