Shan leader: Political dialogue must include give and take to go ahead

A meaningful and successful political dialogue means both sides must be willing to make concessions, according to Lt-Gen Yawdserk, leader of the Restoration Council of Shan State / Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA), better known as the SSA South.

RCSS/SSA leader Yawdserk with Naypyitaw's U Aung Min entering meeting hall together in Kengtung, 19 May 2012. (Photo: 7Day News Journal)
Speaking at a meeting with Brig Gen Pawng Kherh, who is leading a delegation to a yet to be disclosed venue in eastern Shan State toward the end of the month, he said:

“Since the beginning, the RCSS has pulled back from demanding Independence and subsequently an 8-state configuration (in which Burma Proper would only be a constituent state just like the 7 other non-Burman states)”, he said. “We are now for a genuine union (federal) system and a 14 state/region formation.”

He explained the RCSS had made the said key concessions in spite of internal opposition from some quarters, because it believed the new government, unlike previous ones that had consistently adopted military means to resolve what was essentially a political problem, is genuinely pursuing a “resolution of political problems by political means” policy. “I hope is stays that way,” he said.

“Now we want to know what concessions Naypyitaw is ready to offer in return,” he added. “So far we have only seen the 8 point guidelines which show it is not budging an inch from positions taken by the regimes it has replaced.”

The 8-point guidelines are:
  1. To remain forever in the Union
  2. To accept the Three National Causes i.e. Non-disintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of National Sovereignty and Perpetuation of National Sovereignty
  3. To cooperate in economic and development tasks legally
  4. To cooperate in the elimination of narcotic drugs
  5. To set up political parties and enter elections
  6. To accept the (2008) constitution and to make necessary amendments in the parliament by majority consent
  7. To fully enter the legal fold for permanent peace and live, move, work and consume in accord with the constitution
  8. To coordinate existence of only a single armed forces in accord with the constitution

On the government’s side, U Aung Min, its chief negotiator, during his visit to New York last month, told the media that Naypyitaw was willing to make “all necessary compromises” to broker peace, according to Reuters, 21 September.


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