Ks2.9b in heroin seized in Shan State

The suspect and the evidence. Shan State police say they have seized, along with a suspect, a heroin shipment worth Ks2.9 billion.

The police, army, and government officials were apparently patrolling on July 24 while they spotted a Toyota Mark X. Upon stopping the car, the male driver jumped off and ran.

Although the authorities chased the suspect, he jumped into the Thanlwin River and disappeared, according to police records.

Another suspect, a 22-year-old woman, remained in the car while the police found nearly 300 blocks of heroin and some money inside the car.

After searching the suspects’ homes the authorities discovered firearms along with some money in kyat and baht.

The suspects have been charged with drug and illegal weapons acts.

(US$1 = Ks1,360)

Translated by Nay Thiha
Link Story : goo.gl/1XbPQz


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