Commentary on “Are media being oppressed ?”

Sithu Aung Myint is suggesting that the reporters should try within the limited freedom of expression to shed light as much as possible objectively.

He tried to be also objective in saying that the military is doing things according to the legal procedure. But conveniently forgotten about the late Ko Par Gyi, who was killed under mysterious condition while in military's custody.

It is an open secret that the military has zero tolerance for those who criticize it's institution.

But the point here is to remove the obstacles that are blocking the freedom of press like paragraph 17/1 Unlawful Association Act and draconian 66(d) Telecommunication Law, plus pointing out the indiscriminate using of the paragraphs by institutions and individuals alike.

In short, his main argument that the military is not particularly against the press as a whole is not convincing enough.

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