The UNFC has supposedly agreed in principle on its nine demands with Aung
San Suu Kyi’s peace team. Some members are even saying that they might
sign the NCA.

The problem with this is that agreeing “in principle” means nothing. It
means absolutely nothing! The nine points have to be IMPLEMENTED, which
will never happen, hence the UNFC members should never sign the NCA. Here
are the nine points.

1. Bilateral ceasefire agreement between the government-military and the
2. To build a federal union with result achieved from 21CPC;
3. Agreement of tripartite dialogue composition;
4. Drafting and promulgation of constitutional law based on the outcome of
5. Advance agreement on Military Codes of Conduct (CoC) and monitoring on
Terms of Reference (ToR);
6. Formation of military Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) with
representatives from government, EAOs and international figures acceptable
to both parties;
7. Formation of a neutral, enforcement tribunal for NCA involving domestic
and international law experts and judges that are acceptable to both
8. Developmental projects to be tackled according to Extractive Industries
Transparency Initiative (EITI), in cooperation with the public and the
EAOs; and
9. Signing of the NCA after the above points are in agreement.
(Source: via Kachinland News, UNFC Statement – December 13, 2016)

Point 1 is to declare an actual on the ground ceasefire, which the
military dictatorship will never, ever do. What the hell is going on? Why
are the UNFC members acting like there is progress, when for the only
party that matters, the Tatmadaw, there is none? If they are just
“negotiating,” trying to be nice, that’s one thing. But the alliance
members should never sign anything until an agreement that truly protects
their peoples, the ethnic nationalities of Burma, is achieved.


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