Shan State municipal staff’s disappearance causes concern

Over 100 people gathered in Shan State’s capital Taunggyi on Saturday to demand that senior Shan State municipal officials take responsibility for the disappearance last year of two municipal employees.  The group also called for allegations of unfair treatment of staff to be dealt with.

The head of Hsipaw Township’s municipal section, U Aung Naing Win and his secretary Ko Naing Lin disappeared last year while they travelled home after receiving their salary in Mong Nong.

Ko Naing Lin’s brother, who took part at the event, said he sent numerous letters to municipal officials about his brother’s disappearance.

“They did reply but their letters were different each time they wrote to us,” explained Ko Naing Lin’s brother, who wished to remain anonymous.  “They said my brother was dead but sometimes they said my brother was arrested by a cow trader or he might have been killed by an armed group,” he explained.

He added that the municipal officer only blamed others but refused to take any responsibility. He also said that after the disappearances took place he received a letter informing him that his brother and his colleague were laid off from their position.

Daw Khin Than Tar Win, the wife of U Aung Naing Win, said she and her family had requested an explanation from the municipal officer about the disappearance of U Aung Naing Win.

“My children and I went to Mong Nong municipal office many times to find the information about my husband. We don’t know where he is. Until now we don’t know whether he is dead or still alive,” she said.

Allegations of corruption have also been made against some senior municipal officials.  Daw Myint Myint Maw, a municipal staffer from Kalaw Township, said that she requested to the Taunggyi municipal office that she be transferred to Taunggyi. She was told that she would have to give some of her land to a superior for this transfer to be carried out.  After she refused to do this, she was moved to another area and was later laid off.  She added that her husband, U Zaw Myo Win, is currently being sued by U Sai Tun Tun, the Shan State municipal director, under telecommunications law article 66 (d). According to Daw Myint Myint Maw her husband is facing the suit because he knows secret information about U Sai Tun Tun and kept it on his computer.


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