Researcher: Only 33 ‘national races’, not 135

A Shan State born researcher who had released a report a decade earlier that there were 58 ‘national races’ in Burma, yesterday issued a new report that there are no more than 33 indigenous races.

Gamanii, who resides in Thailand’s Tak province, says, “It is not strange to have several subfamilies and clans in a ‘national race’. Developed countries today can determine one’s race by running DNA tests.”

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund with Ministe of Immigration and Population U Khin Yi on 29 August 2012 (Photo: UNFPA)

According to him, if the following races pre-eminent in neighboring countries:

  • Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Burmanized Muslims like Myedu, Pathi and Mago
  • Hindu Bengalis
  • Muslim Bengalis
  • Chittagong Bengalis (aka Rohingyas)
  • Tibetan
  • Linbu
  • Gurkha and
  • Kasay (Kathey)
    are added there are only 44 ‘national races’ at the most.

The 33 indigenous races of Burma as enumerated by Gamanii are:

1 Kachin 18 Intha
2 Thaman 19 Taungyo
3 Kadu-Kanan 20 Dawei (Tavoyan)
4 Naga 21 Akha
5 Karen 22 Lahu
6 PaO 23 Kokang
7 Kayah 24 Tai (Shan)
8 Kayan 25 Mon
9 Chin 26 Khamu
10 Phon 27 Palaung (Ta-ang)
11 Monghsa (Maingtha) 28 Yang (Yin)
12 Burman (Bamar) 29 Danaw
13 Rakhine (Arakanese) 30 Wa
14 Thet 31 Mogen (Salon)
15 Dainet (Chakama) 32 Miao
16 Marama Gyi 33 Kaman
17 Danu

The government of U Thein Sein, nominally elected in 2010, nevertheless has stuck to its guns on the 135 national races designated by his predecessors for the census taking that will begin on 30 March 2014. Each of the 135 national races has been given a numerical code name. For instance, Shan’s code number is 801, while its aliases ‘Shan Gyi’ and ‘Tai Long’ are 822 and 829.

Critics have accused Naypyitaw of trying to justify the role of the military by exaggerating the number of national races that it is needed to prevent the country from breaking up into several independent states.


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