Shan honored as good educator

The first Shan to be honored as one of the 533 good educators of Thailand says he hopes he will not be the last Shan to be honored.

Paimueng Laisai, 76, who, since 1996, has been training youth, both Shan and non-Shan, in fine arts (Kinara/Kinaree bird dance, Yak or Toe dance, drum beating) and martial arts (with and without sword, stick or lance), at his home village in Piangluang, Wiang Haeng District, Chiangmai province, told SHAN, “I believe what I have been doing will help many of today’s youth to become responsible citizens in any society they live in.”

Paimueng Laisai (Photo: SHAN)

Paimueng is attending the 2-day seminar organized by the Youth Learning and Quality Promotion Office, known by its Thai acronym Saw Saw Khaw, 24-25 October, in Chiangmai. Most of the 116 “good educators” in Northern Thailand are participating in the event, according to an organizer.

Paimueng, born in Shan State, is known as an enthusiast in martial arts since he was young. “Don’t let him know you have martial skills,” one of his friends whispered to the SHAN reporter in 1969, when they first met. “Else, he’s going to try you out.”

Another Shan, Hsangkham, is an instructor at Chiangmai’s Fine Arts University.


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