Money, Peace and Conflict: Press launch of a new report

Members of the media, diplomatic community and civil society groups are cordially invited to the press launch of a new report “Economics of Peace and Conflict” at the Myanmar Media Library on Monday 28 October at 2pm.

Produced by the Myanmar Peace Process Monitor project of Burma News International, the report provides facts and data to interpret the role and impact of business engagement in the peace process.

The report observes that current economic engagement trends linked to the peace process have already caused serious negative impacts on local communities and may threat the durability of peace agreements. Ownership, control and management of land and natural resources cannot be separated from ceasefire agreement and peace talks. How such issues are handled can either strengthen or destroy the legitimacy and sustainability of peace agreements.

The report also examines some option for various stakeholders such as Government, Military, Non State Armed Groups, International Community, Business Investors and Civil Society to implement to ensure that there is a durable end to conflicts.

The report covers a range of grievances including increased militarization and violence, lack of ownership and control over natural resources, land confiscation, environmental and social impacts, and competition. It also provides information on various business organizations and key groups engaged in the peace process.

Where – Myanmar Media Library Centre, 437, E-3, Merchant Road and 44th Street, Botataung Township, Yangon.
When – October 28th (Monday), 2 pm
Contact person –
Nai Kasauh Mon – 09 255800 336
Nan Paw Gay – 09 317 63635


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