Weekly Wrap-up, No. 639 (10 August -18 August 2013)

Tips for leaders: Deeds, not words!

Think Piece
In 1969, the future British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher predicted that "No woman in my time will be prime minister."

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Bangkok Post, 11 August 2013

The World
12 August 2013
US State Department says Cambodia has suspended military cooperation programs with US and others. Defense attaché in Washington says he has not received information from Phnom Penh about it. (AP)

13 August 213
Foreign ministers of Asean meet in Thailand's Hua Hin to discuss ways to strengthen the grouping once it becomes a single community in 2015. (Bangkok Post)

17 August 2013
Most endangered languages, having no written form, their data is collected and goes into Language Archive (TLA) in the Dutch city of Nijmegan. (DPA/BP)

International Relations
13 August 2013

UN special rapporteur Quintana visits parents of Win Maw Oo, whose photo appeared in 3 October 1988 Newsweek issue. (Irrawaddy)

14 August 2013

88 Generation leaders, meeting Tomas Quintana, urge him to approach his job with greater emphasis on understanding the country’s cultural and historical underpinnings more than speaking critically of the resultant conditions. (Irrawaddy)

15 August 2013

Quintana meets Kachin state government in Myitkyina. He fails to obtain permission to visit KIO headquarters in Laiza, according to UN Office Myanmar. (Mizzima)

Thai-Burma Relations
11 August 2013
Tai Yai youths that attacked a 19 year old Somnuek Torbue in Chiangmai on 24 June are just copy cats, not the original Samurai gang that terrorized the city a decade ago, according to former members. (Bangkok Post)

12 August 2013

H.M. Queen Sirikit's 81st birthday, also known as "Mother's Day," celebrated nationwide. (Agencies)

14 August 2013

FM Wunna Maung Lwin proposes visa exemption for free entry of the two countries’ nationals on the sidelines of the Asean foreign ministers meeting. FM Surapong Towichakchaikul says before waiving visas, the two sides should address concerns about Myanmar citizens illegally entering the country to work. (Bangkok Post)

Politics/ Inside Burma
13 August 2013
Royal Rose Hall owner Soe Nyunt in Bahan township says he was summoned by the township administrator on 31 July, ordering him to seek official permission 20 days in advance if he was renting his establishment for any politically related gatherings.
On 5 August (8 August according to DVB), Rangoon division issued directive for Bahan township requiring all residents, organizations and business owners to provide officials with 20 days notice if they plan to host an event.
Bahan is home to NLD HQ and Royal Rose. (Irrawaddy/DVB)

14 August 2013

Shwe Mann says the controversial Printing and Publishing Enterprise Bill passed by the Lower House could still be amended before it becomes law. (Irrawaddy)

15 August 2013
House Speaker Shwe Mann says he understands why the former regime allowed land confiscations. But the government’s orders were not followed properly when the Army seized large plots of land from the people. (Irrawaddy)

15 August 2013
Committee of Guarantees, Pledges and Undertaking Vetting Committee issues report on various ministries. As per the report, education ministry had failed to meet its targets in 220 counts, making it the worst performing ministry. MPs have blamed it on financial constraints as well as negligence. (Mizzima)

15 August 2013
Naypyitaw police are investigating complaints against Maj Gen Soe Shein, a personal staff office of Gen Than Shwe, who villagers said had pointed a gun at them and threatened to shoot on 5 July. Gen Soe Shein say he owns the land in dispute officially. (Myanmar Times)

Ethnic Affairs
16 August 2013
The United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) says it has received a notification from Myanmar Peace Center (MPC) to meet in the last week of August. U Aung Min will head the delegation, according to Mahn Mahn, UNFC technical team head. (Mizzima)

16 August 2013
Regional governments considering plans for local development after President pledged last week wider mandates:
  • Better transportation in Karenni
  • Power project in Arakan
  • Proposal for allocation of 50% all taxes from extractive industry to state governments
  • Management of extractive industries in own state by state government

Shans/ Shan State
12 August 2013
Sai Ai Pao, leader of White Tiger party (SNDP) says the plan to unite 3 Shan parties have been abandoned, due to restrictions by Election Commission in June:
  • Original parties must be dissolved
  • MPs must submit application if they wish to represent the new party
Hkhun Htun Oo, leader of Tiger Head party (SNLD) says: Due to difference in ideology (SNLD is against 2008 constitution and SNDP accepts it), we have not made discussion with SNDP for unification.
Sai Htay Aung of Taileng National Development Party (TNDP) says there is no plan to unite, since we are from a different region. (Mizzima)

13 August 2013
Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) leader Yawd Serk says his units have been instructed to make direct contact with Burma Army units in the field and request notification of their movements through Shan army-controlled areas. Some units have responded positively, he says. (SHAN)

16 August 2013
Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) celebrates 42nd anniversary of the founding of the SSPP at Wanhai headquarters. The ceremony presided over by party President Sao Pang Fa. (SHAN)

Economy/ Business
10 August 2013
South Korea's Incheon wins tender for the construction of $1 billion Hanthawaddy Airport, says State media. (AP)

12 August 2013
Yoma, a Singapore-listed company, says that a consortium it has formed with two Japanese firms, Mitsubishi and JALUX, has been selected by Myanmar authorities to upgrade and operate Mandalay International Airport. (Mizzima)

13 August 2013
A lack of infrastructure, human resources and technology, along with unfinished legal framework for businesses, are a concern for Burma as Asean attempts to form a single market within the next two years, according to business people. Apart from rice industry, there are still gaps, says a rice federation member. (Irrawaddy)

16 August 2013
British firms are staying out of Burma until after the 2015 elections, according to Burma Campaign UK’s Mark Farmaner, after talking to a number of companies:
  • Burma is not significantly cheaper to source from
  • Very hard to be sure factories they are dealing with are not associated with cronies or the military
  • Also very hard to be sure workers’ rights will be respected
  • Human rights problems have not gone away
Japanese firms have complained slowness of progress in obtaining approvals to start projects.

Human Rights
8 August 2013
Anti Corruption law passed by parliament. It replaces anti-corruption law enacted in 1948. (Mizzima)

9 August 2013
Police rake Rohingya crowd with gunfire, killing at least 2 people and injuring more than a dozen. The crowd had disputed over police custody of a dead Rohingya. (Reuter)

9 August 2013
30 Rohingya asylum seekers escape from Sadao district police station in Songkla province. (Reuters)

10 August 2013
Ko Myo, 42 year old Burmese national, arrested on 1 August in Surat Thani and faces human trafficking charges according to Police Maj Gen Chavalit Sawangpuech. (AP)

12 August 2013
Rule of Law Committee headed by Augn San Suu Kyi submits annual report. It states police forcuses only on arresting drug abusers rather than drug traffickers. It made field visits to Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Rangoon and Irrawaddy regions. (Mizzima)

16 August 2013
Thai authorities deport a suspected yaba trafficker, Shwe Nu, 46, who was arrested on 2 June in Bangkok. (The Nation)

10 August 2013
ABSDF signs Union level truce with government. (Irrawaddy/Agencies)

15 August 2013
Clash in Mongyen tract, Namtu township. Unknown number killed and 4 injured on the Burma Army’s Light Infantry Battalion 504 side. Shan State Army (SSA) North also suffers some wounded. Shell falls in a corn field injures a woman. Her husband taken as a guide by the Burma Army. (SHAN)

14 August 2013
Writer, poet and satirist Min Lu dies at the age of 60. He is a son of famous film director and writer Thadu. (Irrawaddy)


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