Speaking of all the good things

Today SHAN would like to report to you about Thailand’s relations with the armed opposition movements along its border, particularly with the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) that has recently taken a tough stand to have a rival constitution drafted by the end of the year. Which goes without saying that it was after the 2008 “of the military, before the military, for the military” charter was flatly rejected.

So the question is: Is Bangkok that has in recent years been enjoying better relations with Naypyitaw going to get tough with the UNFC as it did two years earlier?

“At that time,” one of the security officials told SHAN, “the Burmese military attaché would inform us that the UNFC was planning to hold a meeting, set up an office etc, and demanded that we put a stop to it. Naturally, we had to comply with it, because the attaché has came with a directive from Bangkok instructing us to fully cooperate.”

But since the 18 August 2011 invitation by the President for peace talks there has been no such orders from Bangkok, according to him. “Even when the UNFC conference coincided with the RBC (Regional level Border Committee between the two countries’ regional commanders) last week,” another official added, “the Burmese government didn’t lodge any complaint with us.”

At least security officials up in the north appear to be in agreement that as long as the peace process is allowed by Naypyitaw to go on, the UNFC also will be allowed to maintain its tough stance.

“But we should always remember that good things (as well as bad things) come to an end, sooner or later,” one of the officials mused. “Only we don’t know how soon it will be. It is therefore advisable to keep yourself on your toes and be prepared for any eventuality.”
Needless to say, SHAN wholeheartedly agrees with him.


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