Burmese government and Army running counter to each other? : Thai security

Thai border security has been wondering whether the Burmese government led by U Thein Sein and the armed forces led by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing are at cross purposes when it comes to the ongoing peace process, according to senior security sources.

The question emerged following the Regional level Border Committee (RBC) meeting in Cha-am held last week, which coincided with the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) organized conference in Chiangmai, 29-31 August.

A negotiating team from the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front, front row, at a meeting with the Myanmar Peace Center’s technical team, back row, on July 12, 2013, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Photo: ABSDF)

The preparatory team for the Burmese delegation had reportedly accused Thailand of supporting armed groups opposing the government.

“It was soon after we had arranged for the transit of the ABSDF (All Burma Students Democratic Front) delegation to Maesai (opposite Tachilek), at the request of the Burmese government,” said a senior official. “U Aung Min (Naypyitaw’s chief negotiator) whenever he comes to Thailand has always asked for cooperation from the Thai government to assist in its peace process.”

A resource person to the Working Group for Ethnic Coordination (WGEC) had counseled earlier that, according to his experiences in other countries’ peace processes, the military should be kept informed at all times of new developments by all parties concerned. “If it feels that it is being sidelined, it may become a spoiler,” he said.

The ABSDF delegation that had crossed the border on Saturday, 4 August, is now in Rangoon. It has signed a state-level ceasefire agreement, according to an Irrawaddy report yesterday.


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