Shan leader: Equal rights mean states must have own defense and police forces

Lt-Gen Yawdserk of Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS), meeting Tachilek residents on Sunday, 23 June, said states must have their own defense and police forces, according to sources from the Tachilek-Mae Sai border.

“The present peace process can be likened to climbing a staircase with 7 stairs,” he was quoted as saying by a source. “We have just started on the first stair. To move forward, the people from all walks of life must join hands together. The only way out is through political dialogue. To achieve equal rights, we must have our own state defense and police forces formed with state residents.”

RCSS delegation in Panglong (Photo: Hto Naout Tai)

Yawdserk’s 15 day visit ended with his arrival from Taunggyi on Sunday. Some 500 people at Hawng Leuk and Sansai monasteries where he paid respect to the abbots received him.
“To see that we are not taken advantage of as we were during the 1947 Panglong Conference, we need your counsel and participation,” he told the rally.

He also exhorted the people to apply for service in government and public sectors in order to gain more experience in administrative affairs.

During the 15 day visit, 9-23 June, Gen Yawdserk met President Thein Sein, top government and military officials and party leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi. He also held public consultations in Kyaukme, Mandalay, Taunggyi and Panglong.


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