Chronology: Latest Kachin-Naypyitaw meet

23 January 2013 — Meeting in Chiangmai. Visiting Kachin leader Gun Maw says personally he agrees with the idea of having Karen and Shan top leaders as observers and possible mediators. But the matter will be submitted to higher authorities for consideration.

24 January 2013 — President Thein Sein is under intense pressure from the international community including China to solve the problem peacefully. As a result, U Aung Min wants to meet the KIO as soon as possible. He proposes 2 February as the meeting date. He is willing to come to China, either Ruili or Mangxi. He agrees to having the Karen National Union (KNU) and Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) as observers/witnesses.

Kachin-Naypyitaw meeting participants, 4 February 2012. (Photo: Salai Kipp)

26 January 2013 — According to U Aung Min, the Tatmadaw is reluctant to go to China, but the Commander in Chief is in favor of talks.

28 January 2013 — KIO is requested that the meeting is not later than 5 February as  the Chinese New Year, 11 February, is fast drawing near.

30 January 2013 — China is very concerned. They have asked the government to meet the KIO immediately and are ready to facilitate the meeting. They even offer to send a plane to pick up the Naypyitaw delegation.

1 February 2013 — Wa overture to host the meeting superseded by China overture. The meeting will take place in China on 4 February.

2 February 2013 — The meeting venue has been changed from Mangxi to Ruili by the host.

4 February 2013 — Meeting in Ruili. China is against having agreement on humanitarian assistance and ceasefire monitoring.

Note — Above chronology is the truth and nothing but the truth, but not the whole truth to ensure that sources’ identities as well as readers’ continued access to information are protected.


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