RCSS/SSA and UWSA smoke peace pipe

The following photos are from the United Wa State Army. The two sides first held their first meeting on 16 September 2012. The second meeting was on 28-29 December 2012.

Peace talks between UWSA-RCSS/SSA (Meeting # 2)
RCSS/SSA delegation welcomed by UWSA in Hwe Aw, Mongton township (28 December 2012)
Li Wen presides over the meeting
Yang Wang, interpreter
Col Teun Kherh and Col Wanli, RCSS/SSA
Col Wanli and Col Sai Harn (standing). Col Sai Harn is responsible for narcotics control affairs.
YangGuozhong, Commander of 775th Brigade, UWSA
Cols Teun Kherh, Wanli and Sai Harn
Yang Jun, deputy regimental commander
Cols Teun Kherh and Wanli, RCSS/SSA
Ya Lisi, Deputy Commander, 775th Brigade
Burmese Interpreter
RCSS/SSA delegates
UWSA delegates
Three RCSS/SSA detained by UWSA being released and turned over to RCSS/SSA officers
Gift exchange
Gift exchange
Gift exchange
Gift exchange
Group photo
The two sides concluded agreement to cooperate against drugs and in crop substitution programs.
SHAN has yet to interview the RCSS/SSA side.


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