Naypyitaw has same message for Wa

The message given to the Wa leadership yesterday by the Naypyitaw delegation was essentially no different from that given to Mongla on Monday, 3 November, according to Wa sources.

U Aung Min, Vice Chairman # 2 of the UPWC
On the political side, Wa leaders were invited to observe the proceedings of the parliament when its 5th session begins early next year.

On the military side, the government hopes Panghsang would act in accordance with the 2008 constitution. According to the military-drawn charter’s Article 338, “All the armed forces in the Union shall be under the command of the Defense Services.”

The 39 strong delegation led by U Aung Min, Vice Chairman # 2 of the Union Peacemaking Work Committee (UPWC), was welcomed by all top members of the United Wa State Army (UWSA) except for Chairman Bao Youxiang who is in poor health.

The delegation did not visit Mongpawk, where the UWSA’s military training center is located, as scheduled. “They arrived in Panghsang at 11:00 and flew to Mongmai at 15:00 to observe the development projects there before leaving for Lashio,” said a source.

The Wa were presented with a K 100 million ($ 117,647) contribution for the construction of 3 motor roads in the Wa region:

  • Hopang-Namteuk (Nandeng)
  • Hopang-Mongmai-Panghsang
  • Panghsang-Markmang (Metman)
Xiao Minleng, Vice Chairman of the UWSA

Hopang and Markmang are Wa townships under the control of the Burma Army.

The “gift” was in addition to K 400 million ($ 470,588) presented in August.

On the Wa side, Vice Chairman Xiao Minliang reiterated that the UWSA would not secede from the Union. It also requested permission to purchase rice in the neighboring Mongyai and Tangyan townships. “U Aung Min replied he would do his best,” recounted the source.

The meeting marked the first time U Aung Min visited Panghsang since his appointment in May.


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