A Letter to All Shan Political Parties and SSA

Dated 30/10/2012
From S. N. Oo

Dear Tai/Shan Leaders,
I am in contact and working with Tai/Shan youths, outside and inside of Burma. On behalf of them I would like to say that we very much appreciate that you have undertaken to negotiate with the dictators, for the benefit of peoples of the Shan State.

Sao Noan Oo
Now is a very critical time indeed for the Shans and other non-Burman ethnic nationalities. The present policy of the regime is to democratise Burma, but only as far it is being accepted by the Western Power, while the Burmese army will continue to increase their military, dictatorial power over non-Burman ethnic states, and hold their citizens underseige. It is impossible for Burma to become a genuine democratic country when it is under a government powered and driven by the military dictators. Thein Sein in his interview with the BBC on “Hard talk” stated that in Burmese politics, the army cannot be excluded.

From many of his conversations, it is obvious that he still believes in the ideology of the fascist/ Dictatorial Institution, of which he is a member. He does not follow the universal concept of what is right and what is wrong: he implied that the perpetration of violence and murder of thousands of ethnic citizens, and to imprison people for no crimes or reasons were for security reasons, and the army did what it had to do.

He doesn't seem to understand the meaning of human rights violations, or he just turned a blind eye to all the crimes that the officers and soldiers of the Bamar army had committed for several decades. He claimed that it was just a one sided accusation.

It would be more acceptable if the President had faced facts and accepted that they had made mistakes and apologised instead of blatantly denying the truth.
He said he is following the will of the people, but he did not say anything about the power and will of the dictatorial generals that he still follows. Only when President Thein Sein can change whole-heartedly his own belief in the ideology of dictatorship to democratic principles, will he be able to transform Burma into a genuine democracy.

There has been a talk about the Panglong Agreement, but until the regime is ready to honour the Panglong principles, and uphold the values of honour, truth, justice and freedom there is no point in calling for a new Panglong Conference or signing any form of agreement. An agreement is to be honoured and not violated. The Thein Sein government doesn't even abide by the present cease-fire agreement between it and the SSA.

During the 65 years of Independence what have the Bamar politicians/army done for other ethnic nationalities, other than bully and subject them to gross human rights violations for several decades. Is there any reason why they would now want to be in the Union?

When analysing the present situation, things do not look very promising for the Shans and other non-Burman nationalities. Without doubt, the dictators will never give up their hold on the Shan State. The question then is how do we get out of this horrible darkness? It seems as if it will never end- When we thought there could be a bit of light, the dictators keep coming up with more of their dirty tricks. The proposal by the Thein Sein Government to change the names and the geographical boundaries of the ethnic states, would not only cause more chaos but greater injustice and unfairness, and it is an insult to all non-Burman ethnic nationalities. We fully support Sao Hkun Htun Oo, in his rejection of the proposal.
We are pleased too, to know that the Tai/Shan political parties and armies are working together as one body and with one voice. We also agree and support Sao Yawd Serk's proposal that all Tai/Shan political parties should merge and become one, especially at the present time when Unity is an important necessity for the survival of the Shan State and its peoples.

I have always wished that all our people will one day understand that in spite of some differences they can also unite to campaign and fight for a common cause, which at the present time, is our basic human rights: the right to be free; the right to live peacefully in our own homeland; the right to self-determination and the right to justice and fairness. This should be our priority and first step. I am sure we all agree that this is worth fighting for. Internal party competition should take place only when the first stage is accomplished and sealed.

The proposal/ decision of our political parties and armies to work and support each other is good news for all of us. This will provide good examples for our people, especially the younger generations.

We know it is not going to be easy to negotiate with the dictators, because they do not possess principles, morals or ethics. But we trust that you, political and SSA Leaders will bargain without fear. We depend on your wisdom and courage not to give in to their demand; and your ability to see through their lies and cunningness. We also put our faith in your foresight, to have alternative plans and strategy in mind. A member of a dictator watch said, dictators cannot reform, they have to be over-thrown by a revolution. Whatever you decide, I am certain that you will have the support of the people. Please let me know what I can do to help from this end of the world.

Unity is strength; Strength is inspiration; Inspiration is vision, and Vision is Victory.
Myy Soong Kha- S. N. Oo

The contributor is the daughter of the ruling prince of Lawksawk and the author of “My Vanished World”.


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