A fond farewell to my friend, Sao Ood Kehsi

Friday, 23 November 2012
Sai Wan sai

Sao Ood Kehsi
Sao Ood had been a close friend of Khuensai (SHAN editor) and also myself. We were together at the same school in Taunggyi, Government High School (1). I remember that we were together in the same league with Sai Aye, Sai Htoe and Nwe Nwe Than, all from Nawngmawn, in Tai Youth Organisation around 1963. Sao Phong Leng and Sao Leik, sons of the Saohpa Nam Khok, who were in E-Lin College,  and Noel a.k.a Sao Naing Naing a.k.a Hkun Htun Oo, the SNLD leader, who was then  in Gandhi High School, were also active in Tai Youth Organisation, around the same time.

A lot of faces pop up in my mind, such as Nang Hawm Leik, Nang Mo Lao (Naung Naung), Sao MyoKyi, Sao ThanKyi, Stanley Thaike, Sai Yee Leik and so on.
Sao Seng Suk
Chao Tzang Yawnghwe
Later, we met again in Ho Mong, during the heydays of the Mong Tai Army (MTA). After that we met many times in Chiangmai on various Shan meetings.

He will be remembered as a happy-go-lucky guy by all of us. I still could recall his joyful conversation and sense of humor on a lot of occasions. But the best one was, when I once asked him, if I could contribute something to lessen his financial woes, for resistance fighters are usually not adequately paid, he answered: “You don’t need to ask for permission to donate food to the monk”. He was such a person.

Sao Gun Yawd
In Berlin, this October, I met Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) secretary Khu Oo Reh at a conference and had conveyed my best regards to Sao Ood, who was his neighbor on the border. He assured me that he would definitely relay my message to him. I hope he had been able to meet him and gave him my best regards.

Sai Hseng Zeun
The Lord Buddha taught us that getting old, getting sick and facing death are part of our life and must view it as absolute truth and natural happenings. Even then, I just couldn’t resist the sorrow that has overwhelmed me.

During the last few years, many Shan leaders had taken leave, such as Chao Tzang, Yawnghwe, Sao Seng Suk, Sao Gun Yawd, Sai Hseng Zeun and many others, leaving all us with the unfulfilled aspirations of the Shan people.

But the best way to find consolation for those of us who are left behind, is to try and carry out Sao Ood and all fallen leaders’ unfinished job.

May Sao Ood’s soul rest in peace!

The contributor is the General Secretary of Shan Democratic Union (SDU) - Editor


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